Hi. I'm Heidi!

In 2018 I was really stressed at work and decided a new hobby would help me relax. I started making coin rings. By the end of the year, the stress was just too much so I quit my job and went into early semi-retirement to recover mentally. I kept making the rings for friends and family but ran out of people to give them to so I decided to start selling them. The rings allow me to show my creativity and also help supplement my now missing income. 
After selling the rings for a while on multiple platforms, I decided to try making necklaces. I started with Tibetan Silver and then moved on to Coin Ring Necklaces. I realized if I punched a hole in a coin I could turn it into a custom charm so I started making Penny Necklaces and a mixture of the Tibetan Silver and Pennies. Since then, the pennies necklaces have become my main focus for jewelry and I don't do many coin rings anymore. 

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