Hi. I'm Heidi!

In 2018 I was really stressed at work and decided a new hobby would help me relax. I started making coin rings. By the end of the year, the stress was just too much so I quit my job and went into early semi-retirement to recover mentally. I kept making the rings for friends and family but ran out of people to give them to so I decided to start selling them. The rings allowed me to show my creativity and also helped supplement my now missing income. 

After selling the rings for a while on multiple platforms, I decided to try making necklaces. I started with Tibetan Silver and then moved on to Coin Ring Necklaces. I realized if I punched a hole in a coin I could turn it into a custom charm so I started making Penny Necklaces and coin keychains. Since then, the pennies and charm necklaces have become my staple products and I don't do many coin rings anymore. 

The coin turtles, however, are my favorite offering. They take several hours to complete and took months of trial and error to get them just right. I do them as a hobby for fun and list whatever I make, so they are always limited. Each one comes out unique. The neck might be slightly longer on one. The tail longer on another. I love adding patina to see just how unique I can make them.

Please take some time and browse my store. Even if you don't purchase anything, me sharing my hobby with others is what keeps me sane and happy during these trying times.


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